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If you or your children are experiencing domestic violence, if your spouse is threatening to withdraw all funds from a retirement account or checking account, etc. those are example issues that likely require immediate (or ex parte) court intervention. At Navigate Law Group, we can assist you in reviewing your situation and determining if there is an immediate need for court intervention.

Domestic Violence Protection Order

You should seek a Domestic Violence Protection Order if you have any of the following happening to you by a significant other/family member/spouse/domestic partner/someone you had a child with: (1) hitting, assault (can be sexual), physical harm to you in any way, (2) if you are in fear of immediate physical harm, or (3) if they are stalking you. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can ask the court for a same-day Domestic Violence Protection Order that restrains the other party from coming around you or contacting you, and it carries police protection. This order can protect you from the other party by keeping them from your home/work/school, ordering them to turn in any weapons, and ordering them not to threaten or stalk you. Our family law attorneys can jump into action and help you with this.

Immediate Restraining Order 

This is only available as part of a divorce process. 

An Immediate Restraining Order can be requested as part of a pending divorce case with little or no notice to the other party. It is a same-day court order for an urgent issue that can restrain the other party from you and/or your children, protect finances, and use of property. Immediate Restraining Orders are often requested in between filing your divorce and a hearing to establish temporary court orders in your divorce matter. Our divorce attorneys in Vancouver, Washington can help you with your Immediate Restraining Order needs.

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Our family law attorneys have over a combined 50 years worth of experience.  Navigate Law Group is known in the local community for our volunteer work and for being fierce advocates. Our Vancouver divorce attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience inside and outside of the courtroom, we can help you navigate every step of the way.


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