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When you choose Navigate Law Group as your legal team in Vancouver, WA, you gain access to a group of licensed attorneys — many are licensed to practice in both Washington and neighboring Oregon state — with the experience and expertise to help with your legal needs. Our Vancouver lawyers have the practical skills to handle most legal issues, and they specialize in the following legal categories: family law, employment law, business law, estate planning, and more.
You’ll benefit from a skillful and practiced legal team of lawyers in Vancouver, WA that maintain a collaborative and personal approach with clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys at our office in downtown Vancouver.

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Our Vancouver Washington Family Law Attorneys:

Relationships are complicated. Our experienced family law attorneys in our Vancouver office are here to help if you are experiencing issues in your personal relationships. From drafting a prenuptial agreement to filing for a divorce in Washington, we help you strategize, protect you and watch out for your best interests. Our family law attorneys focus their practice on these sensitive and dynamic issues to ensure you have the best representation and advice.

Divorce | Child Support | Alimony and Spousal Support | Cohabitation Agreement| Prenuptial Agreement | Committed Intimate Relationship | Minor Guardianship | Parenting Plan Modification | Adoptions | Surrogacy and MORE!

Chelsie M. Elliott

Chelsie M. Elliott


Tanya M. Green

Tanya M. Green

Senior Attorney

Our Estate Planning Attorneys in Vancouver, WA: 

Are you looking for experienced estate planning attorneys in Vancouver, Washington to draft a will or trust? Or do you need help with an existing will and need counsel from an estate and trust admin attorney in our Vancouver office? At Navigate Law Group, our attorneys have experience in all matters involving estate planning and estate & trust administration. 

Wills | Trusts | Probate | Powers of Attorney | Advance Directive | Estate Tax Planning | Estate Administration (Probate) | Trust Administration

 Josi R. Howard

Josi R. Howard

Senior Attorney

Estate Planning | Estate & Trust Administration

James C. Howe

James C. Howe


​Estate Planning | Estate & Trust Administration | Business Law | ​Real Estate

Our Employment Law Attorney in Vancouver, WA:

Are you looking for an experienced employment law attorney in Vancouver, Washington? Navigate Law Group has experienced employment law attorneys who have successfully represented many clients in sexual harassment, racial discrimination, wrongful termination, employment contract disputes (non-compete clause), and more!

Are you being mistreated in the workplace in Vancouver, WA? Our employment attorney is here to help!

Employment Law | Sexual Harassment | Racial Discrimination | Employment Contract Review | Non-Compete Clause Disputes | Wrongful Termination | Unpaid Wages | Unpaid Overtime and MORE! 

Trevor J. Cartales

Trevor J. Cartales


Our Business Law Attorney in Vancouver, WA:

Are you looking for experienced business attorneys in Vancouver, Washington?

Trevor and his legal team will be there for you through any business transition. As things grow and change, we will review and modify policies and procedures, negotiate contracts, evaluate corporate structure, bylaws or operating agreements to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of your business. 

Company Formation | Operating Agreement | Employment Disputes | Employee Handbook | Commercial Lease Agreements | Business-to-Business Contracts | Company Purchases and Sales| Ownership and Partnership Disputes | Breach of Contract | Compliance and MORE! 

Trevor J. Cartales

Trevor J. Cartales


Our Bankruptcy Attorney in Vancouver, WA:

Feeling overwhelmed by debt? Are you in need of a fresh start in your financial life? Our Vancouver WA bankruptcy attorney can help you regain control over your day-to-day finances. If you feel like you are drowning in debt and do not see a light at the end of the tunnel, reach out today and see if bankruptcy is an option for you. With over 25 years of experience, Mark will be able to answer your questions and guide you through the process if you decide that bankruptcy is the best path forward.  

Consumer Bankruptcy | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy | Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Mark A. Carter

Mark A. Carter

Of Counsel Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal issues are stressful. Our Washington lawyers are here to help!

Family Law

How much does a divorce lawyer cost in Vancouver, WA?

There is no average range of what a typical dissolution action or parenting plan action may cost. How much your case will cost depends on the time spent on the matter. There are numerous factors that influence how much it will cost, such as: 1) How many motions need to be filed, 2) How many court appearances you/your attorney might have, 3) As a client, how much contact you are having with our office, and 4) Is the other side responsive. All of these play into how much a dissolution costs. The more amicable you are with the other side, the lower the total cost is.

How can I find an affordable divorce lawyer in Vancouver, WA?
Navigate Law Group offers catered legal services to those at any income level. In addition to low-cost consultation fees, we offer community access to our free virtual clinic, where you can talk to one of our experienced attorneys about your case and obtain free legal advice. Please visit our website to schedule an appointment.


At Navigate, we also have attorneys who offer a la carte services, such as behind-the-scenes consultations, document preparation, and document review, which may assist with lowering the costs you incur.

You may also contact the Washington State Bar Association and apply for services through their Moderate Means Program.


If you have a legal insurance plan through your employer, you may also contact them to find a local attorney in the area who accepts this plan.

I need a family law attorney to handle my divorce in Clark County. Can you help?
Yes, our team of attorneys at Navigate Law Group have significant experience representing clients in their family law and divorce cases in Clark County, Washington as well as many other counties in Washington.
What questions should I ask a potential divorce lawyer?

Finding the right divorce attorney is important as you will be working closely with your attorney during what could be a very difficult time in your life. Here are some questions that you should ask during your consultation to determine if the attorney is a right fit for your situation.

  1. How often will we communicate about my case?
  2. What is your strategy for my case?
  3. What is your approach to settlement?
  4. Do you specialize in family law, and how many cases like mine have you handled?
  5. How often do you reach out-of-court divorce settlement agreements?
  6. Do you know the attorney my spouse has hired?
  7. Do you prefer to reach agreements when possible, or do you prefer to go to trial?
  8. How much do you charge and what are some ways I can reduce costs in my case?
  9. Will you be handling all aspects of my case personally or will I be working with a team?
  10. What is your preferred method of communication?
  11. What documents and evidence should I begin to gather now for my case?
Why should I choose a Navigate attorney for my family law issues?
At Navigate, you are just not another number. The family law attorneys at Navigate actually care about their clients and helping them navigate through the legal process, both mentally and physically. We truly care about doing the best job we can for our clients and making sure they are heard. We ask clients about their goals and wishes in resolving their cases, whether it be a divorce, custody, or other contested case. We understand the emotional toil and do our best to protect your interests every step of the way.

Employment Law

Are your employment attorneys very experienced in handling sexual harassment cases?

Navigate’s employment attorneys are very experienced in representing victims and survivors of sexual harassment in the workplace. We have represented clients, sometimes multiple at a time, in many different courts and tribunals in Oregon, Washington, and federally. We are not afraid to stand up to large corporations or government agencies in Southwest Washington and have attained results for many clients over the years in this area. Our employment law attorneys are passionate about this work and draw upon their experience and skills to investigate and, if necessary, prosecute sexual harassment through to trial. If you are concerned about sexual harassment in the workplace, don’t hesitate to call Navigate Law Group.

I experience racial discrimination in the workplace. Can you help?

Navigate Law Group attorneys have represented dozens of clients in workplace discrimination cases, including race discrimination. We can help you make a plan to fight back against race discrimination and hold your employer accountable in court. Race discrimination is often subtle and it takes competent counsel to see these cases through in litigation. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible, so that we can help you come up with a plan to root out race discrimination at work.

Trusts, Wills, and Estate Admin

How much does it cost to set up a will with your Law firm in Vancouver, WA?
Attorneys at Navigate Law Group can provide an estimated cost after meeting with a client about their assets and unique estate planning goals. The more time dealing with complex issues, drafting a plan, and setting up assets to be distributed in a special way, the higher the cost of the estate plan. For example, a plan where a client wants to leave their assets in equal shares to responsible adult children will be less complex than a client who has young children (or an irresponsible adult child) and therefore needs to plan for a person to hold money on the beneficiary’s behalf. Complexity can also be added when a client’s estate is large enough to be subject to estate tax or if the client has special assets to deal with.
Can you help with setting up a trust?

Yes. Attorneys at Navigate Law Group can assist in setting up a trust-based estate plan. The goal of a trust-based estate plan is to avoid probate, which is the court-supervised process of administering an estate. A trust-based estate plan can make for a more streamlined administration process, but is more complex to set up than a will-based estate plan. Attorneys at Navigate Law Group can advise on whether setting up a trust is a good option based on the client’s estate planning goals.

Why should I choose your Vancouver, WA, estate planning attorneys?
Attorneys at Navigate Law Group have years of experience not only in setting up estate plans but also in representing personal representatives or trustees in administering estates. Our attorneys can assist clients from modest estates to larger estates subject to estate tax with assets on both sides of the river. Attorneys at Navigate have compassion towards each client’s unique needs and family circumstances with the goal of making the process of estate administration as efficient as possible. Our estate planning team enjoys giving each client the peace of mind of knowing that they have their estates in order for loved ones.

Business Law: Contracts, Litigation, and Legal Advise

How much does it cost to work with your business attorney in your Vancouver office?
Our business law team understands the importance of delivering both experienced and cost-effective legal services. Fees are typically charged hourly, so the total cost may vary depending on the nature of the project, but we’re proud of our approach to efficient representation and fee transparency. After all, we’re a small business ourselves.
Why should I consider hiring a lawyer to draft or review a business contract?
The only thing worse than no contract is a bad contract. Contracts create a cause of action upon which one party may sue another. In other words, contracts give directions to a court about how a transaction should be handled and what to do in the event of a breach. To ensure the best result in such a potential lawsuit, it is always recommended to contact an attorney for assistance. In the end, well-written contracts generally head off disputes at the start.
Can you help with breach of contract litigation?
Yes. In fact, it is not always necessary to have a written contract in order to have a successful claim for breach of contract (but it helps). If you have had a transaction go sideways, contact Navigate Law Group to help you plan and execute a strategy to reach a swift resolution.
I am looking to purchase some business assets. Can you help?

Yes. Asset purchase agreements, whether for all or only a part of a business’s assets, should be carefully drafted to ensure all of the parties’ expected terms: purchase price, payment structure, interest rate, securitization, events of default, escrow, and clear, complete identification of the assets themselves. Navigate Law Group can help you consider these issues and more.

What are the benefits of hiring a business attorney to assist with business sales?
The sale of a business can happen in a number of different ways, including stock purchase or membership purchase, total asset purchase, merger, etc. Understanding both the overall structure of the transaction and the necessary contractual details can eliminate surprises, both during the due diligence process and after the transaction is completed. We always recommend having an attorney review business sales and asset purchase agreements.

Bankruptcy Law: Debts, Student Loans, and Legal Advise

How much does bankruptcy typically cost in Vancouver, Washington?

A typical consumer chapter 7 bankruptcy will cost $1,500 – $2,000 plus the court filing fee. Every case is different and that is why we offer a free consultation so that we can learn more about your specific situation. During the consultation, we will discuss what the total fee will be. The fee for a chapter 13 is governed by the bankruptcy court and is currently set at $5,000. The attorney can decide how much of that fee needs to be paid before the case will be filed and how much will be paid out through the chapter 13 plan. This is what the court calls an initial “no look” fee. If an attorney spends more time working on the bankruptcy than typical, and would like to seek additional compensation, they may do so by motion to the court. It has been my experience that many attorneys seek additional fees in nearly every case. In my practice, I rarely seek additional compensation.

How do I know if bankruptcy is the correct answer for me as a Washington resident?

There is not a form response to this question as every person and each situation is different. My advice to people considering whether or not to file a bankruptcy is to ask whether they see a realistic light at end of the financial tunnel. Basically, do you have a way to increase income or decrease expenses enough so that you can pay significantly more than the monthly minimum payments on the credit cards/loans to get the balance down to zero in a reasonable amount of time? If you answer yes – make sure that you are being realistic and can commit to the extra payment every month.  By the time most clients reach the point of contacting my office, there is no other realistic option. Debt consolidation is generally a bad idea as it will cost much more than a bankruptcy, destroy credit much worse and has a very low chance of success.  I have worked with many clients that came to me after signing up with a debt consolidation company and spent thousands of dollars trying to handle their debts outside of bankruptcy.

Can bankruptcy help with clearing my student loans?

There have been recent changes at the Department of Justice for how they will review attempts to eliminate or reduce the amount of student debt a debtor in bankruptcy has. Before the change at the Department of Justice, it was nearly impossible to discharge student loans in bankruptcy. Although the bankruptcy code and case law has not changed, this new direction that will be taking place under the current presidency means that the chance to discharge some or all of your federally guaranteed student loans should be much easier now than it has been for several decades. Learn more in my recent blog post on How to Discharge Student Loan Debts Through Bankruptcy Law. 

What are some questions I should ask when looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Vancouver, WA??

I believe that it is important to have a consultation with an attorney (not a paralegal or other person working for the attorney) to see if you are comfortable with that attorney representing you for the process of seeking a discharge of your debts in federal bankruptcy court.  I would make sure to ask how long they have practiced bankruptcy and whether they handle only bankruptcy matters or are they a “jack of all trades” and handle several areas of law.  It is important to hire an attorney that appears before the bankruptcy trustees and judges on a regular basis. Although the practice of bankruptcy is governed by the federal code – the implementation of the practice can change by how a judge or trustee decides to handle certain situation. A trustee may start asking questions that they had never asked before. If the attorney does not appear at trustee meetings and court hearings on a regular basis, they may not be aware of such changes.

What kind of debts can bankruptcy help clear?

A chapter 7 can generally discharge (eliminate) all credit cards, personal loans (not secured) and medical debts. You can discharge a secured debt (vehicle, boat or trailer loan) if you wish to surrender the asset. If you wish to keep the asset, you will need to execute a Reaffirmation Agreement (the attorney will take care of this and explain it to you). You may not discharge a debt incurred “fraudulently” in a chapter 7 but you may in a chapter 13. Some federal tax debts are dischargeable – it depends how old the debt is and when the tax return was filed. Student loans are not automatically dischargeable. A separate action within the bankruptcy called and Adversary Proceeding must be filed and served on the Department of Education and the student loan provider. Alimony and child support may not be discharged.

In order to make an informed decision regarding divorce and custody cases you need the best source of information which is what I found as a client at Navigate Law Group. Chelsie and her team of incredibly knowledgeable attorneys give structure to the process so, as a client, I know the options available to me for making tough decisions. Their rates are some of the best I’ve found and the quality of support is top notch. Consider a consultation with Navigate Law Group and let them help you in your time of need.
– Brandon P.
Over a year ago I began working with Jennifer Joslin to settle my divorce. My divorce started out amicable and very quickly devolved into contention. Jennifer provided a safe, confidential sounding board and helped me separate the facts from the emotions, deftly guiding my decisions toward my best interests instead of “punishing” my ex [which is what my emotional self wanted]. Throughout this process Jennifer has been available, communicative, thorough, patient and extremely professional. Jennifer also let me remain in the driver seat of my divorce and I have always felt/feel very supported by her. Most importantly, I trust Jennifer. I highly recommend working with Jennifer Joslin if you find yourself needing a great divorce attorney!!!
– Natalie B.

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