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When you choose Navigate Law Group as your legal team in Portland, OR, you gain access to a group of licensed attorneys — many are licensed to practice in both Oregon and neighboring Washington state — with the experience and expertise to help with your legal needs. Our Portland legal team has the practical skills to handle most legal issues and specializes in the following legal categories: cannabis, entertainment, business, family, estate planning, and employment.

You’ll benefit from a skillful and practiced legal team that maintains a collaborative and personal approach with clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys in Portland. 

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Our Oregon Practice Areas

Our Oregon attorneys practice a broad range of legal areas. From family law to business legal matters, we have experienced attorneys who are ready to help you! 

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Oregon Family Law

Our experienced Portland family law attorneys are skilled in divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, and all other legal issues pertaining to your family or personal relationships. We serve as strong and zealous advocates for our family law clients in the Oregon courtroom. Your attorneys will guide you in the legal process and in delicate situations so you’ll have support throughout the legal process.

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Estate Planning

Your estate planning team has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of estate planning which means you’ll get a customized plan to match your goals. We understand that estate planning often involves a delicate balancing of the interests of family members and we’ll help you achieve fairness for all interested parties. Additionally, we help Oregon clients safeguard their assets and create tax-efficient plans.
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Estate & Trust Admin

Our Portland attorneys have the special knowledge and skill required to serve as a personal representative in the probate of an estate or a trustee in the administration of a living trust. When you choose Navigate Law for your estate and trust administration, we’ll help you manage the complex and multi-step process and maximize estate and income tax savings.

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Civil Litigation

Life happens, and things don’t always go according to plan. When you hire a Portland civil litigation attorney, we’ll make sure you get the best plan of action to settle disputes between you and another party. Whether you have a product liability lawsuit, landlord/tenant dispute, or any type of civil litigation, our attorneys can help you!

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Employment Law

Here at Navigate, we are unique in that we practice employment law in Oregon as both employment defense attorneys and employment plaintiff attorneys. We represent both employees and employers regarding employment matters such as severance negotiations, non-compete agreements, contracts, sexual harassment, unlawful terminations, and more. 

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Personal Injury Law

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, product liability, premise liability, or other personal injuries, our experienced plaintiff-side personal injury attorneys in Portland can help! We’ll work with you to formulate a recovery plan while also supporting you in managing healthcare providers, insurance claims, and the third party.

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Entertainment Law

Have you been accused of a copyright violation in Oregon? Are you interested in selling the rights to your song in exchange for royalties? Has a promoter, manager, or record label sent you a contract to sign? Call us today. The entertainment world is fast-paced and loaded with legal landmines. Let the attorneys in our Portland office clear the path so you can focus on what you do best. 

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Business & Commercial

We cater to a wide variety of business clients of all sizes in Portland, Oregon, and nearby cities. We help with business-to-business contracts, company formation, mergers and acquisitions, leases, administrative compliance, and more. Our Portland business attorneys know how to provide the professional legal guidance and representation your business needs in the state of Oregon.

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Cannabis Law

Whether you are a recreational marijuana retailer in the cities or own a marijuana and hemp farm in unincorporated rural areas, we are ready to help you. Recreational marijuana, medical marijuana, and hemp are subject to a number of local, state, and federal rules, our experienced Oregon cannabis attorneys can explain the complex conflicts and help you structure your business correctly. 
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Alcohol Law

The production, distribution, and sale of alcohol in Oregon is subject to unique and strict regulations such that breweries, distilleries, restaurants, liquor stores, and other such businesses carry special liabilities. Having a knowledgeable and experienced Portland, Oregon alcohol lawyer to assist with administrative compliance is paramount to mitigating unnecessary business risk. Get in touch with our experienced Oregon attorneys today!

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Land Use Law

Zoning changes, nonconforming uses, variances, land use applications, and adversarial land use violation hearings require careful application of local ordinances to specific properties and land uses. We can review your Oregon real property to determine which land use ordinances apply, prepare land use applications, and correspond with your county or municipality to ensure your legal needs are met. 

Our Portland Attorneys

Portland Office FAQs

Legal issues are stressful. Our Portland, Oregon attorneys are here to help!


How to find the best lawyer for my legal matter in Portland, OR?

Ask around. Good attorneys yield successful results, maintain professional relationships, act ethically, and do so at a reasonable cost. The best attorneys are known in their respective industries. Check online reviews, seek recommendations from similarly situated consumers, and weigh your options.

How much does it cost to hire an attorney in Portland, OR?
Attorney rates in Portland vary from firm to firm, often changing with subject matter. At Navigate Law Group, we strive to provide professional service at a competitive rate. Please contact us to discuss fees.
What questions should I ask an attorney or law office before hiring them?
Depending on the subject matter, you should ask about the attorneys’ expertise, rates, and billing procedures. How many estate plans has the attorney written? How many successful employment lawsuits? How many businesses has the attorney assisted with formation, compliance, and licensing? Do the attorneys charge hourly or on a contingency? At Navigate Law Group, transparency is paramount. We are happy to discuss all of this.
How do you answer a lawsuit in Oregon?

After you have been served with a complaint, you must “appear” in the case by filing a response within a particular amount of time, usually within thirty days from the date of service. ORCP 7. The Answer should respond to each allegation written in the plaintiff’s complaint. Failure to respond, either in whole or in part, can result in an admission of the plaintiff’s allegations, which can have disastrous effects on your ability to defend yourself.

Estate Planning

What are the requirements for a will to be valid in Oregon?
Wills should be signed by the testator before two witnesses. The document itself should specifically devise how each asset should be distributed, should name who the personal representative will be, and should account for contingencies and backup beneficiaries. Will provisions and execution is very procedural; it is recommended to hire an attorney to make sure the will is drafted and signed correctly.
Should I consult with an estate planning attorney in Portland, OR?
Estate planning is an important and extremely complex method to take care of your beneficiaries, minimize costs, deal with end-of-life decisions in advance, and avoid paying unnecessary taxes. Testamentary documents, such as a will or a trust, have very specific requirements in order to be valid. Failure to follow these rules can render your estate plan ineffective. Whether you require a simple will or need multiple trusts drafted, hiring an attorney is always recommended.
Do you need an attorney to draft your will?
Oregon does not require an attorney to draft a will in order for it to be valid. However, we always recommend hiring an attorney to make sure the will is written properly.
What is a power of attorney in Oregon?
When you appoint a power of attorney, you authorize someone to manage your finances on your behalf, legal decisions, and healthcare needs while you are alive. Powers of attorney can be very broad or limited and specific. Naming an attorney-in-fact to manage your assets on behalf requires extraordinary trust in the named person. Powers of attorney no longer have any effect after the testator has died.

Civil Issues

What are civil statutes of limitation laws in Oregon?

There are deadlines for all matters being brought before Oregon courts. These deadlines are referred to as statutes of limitations. The statutes of limitations vary depending on the type of legal matter. For example, many civil negligence actions must be filed within two years, subject to a number of possible extensions or exceptions. Many contractual claims must be brought within six years. However, each case must be treated differently because the applicable statute of limitations may change depending on the specific facts of your matter.

An attorney will be able to navigate through these statutes and make sure each deadline is met. We recommend that you consult with an attorney sooner rather than later if you believe you have a cause of action worth filing.

What are the limits to small claims court in Oregon?
Small claims courts can be a useful tool to seek swift remedy, but the amount in controversy must be less than $10,000. ORS 46.405.
How do I file a civil lawsuit in Oregon?
Filing a lawsuit in Oregon is very procedural and governed by statute and court rules. The original filing document is usually the “complaint,” which alleges specific, ultimate facts sufficient to constitute a claim. Depending on the claim, different elements may be required, and thus different ultimate facts. Failure to properly draft a complaint may result in your case being dismissed before it is even litigated. We strongly recommend hiring counsel to help you prepare court pleadings.


How much is a marijuana cultivation license in Oregon?
Cultivation license costs range depending on the size of the operation. The non-refundable application fee is $250, but the annual license fee ranges from $1,000 to $5,750. These license fees may change from time to time.
Should I talk to an attorney before starting my hemp or marijuana business in Oregon?
There are several steps you must complete when starting your hemp or marijuana business. Local, state, and federal compliance with hemp and marijuana laws (as applicable) may seem obvious, but knowing which pitfalls to avoid requires experience in cannabis law. Business formation, land use, water rights, contract drafting and dispute resolution, and corporate governance are all important factors in any holistic cannabis business plan. An attorney can help you identify these issues and avoid them before it’s too late.
Do you need a license to sell marijuana in Oregon?
Yes, you must be licensed with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) to sell marijuana in Oregon under Oregon law. The license requires constant vigilance to maintain compliance with OLCC rules. Most, but not all of the OLCC marijuana rules are located in OAR chapter 845, division 25.
Do you need a permit to grow hemp in Oregon?
Yes, the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) regulates the application and registration process for hemp growers and handlers.
Do you help marijuana businesses outside of Portland and nearby suburbs?
Navigate Law Group assists marijuana and hemp businesses across the state of Oregon. Each city and county has its own rules and regulations, including some outright prohibitions on recreational marijuana. Call us to determine whether your proposed operation is in a suitable location to comply with local and state laws.
In order to make an informed decision regarding divorce and custody cases you need the best source of information which is what I found as a client at Navigate Law Group. Chelsie and her team of incredibly knowledgeable attorneys give structure to the process so, as a client, I know the options available to me for making tough decisions. Their rates are some of the best I’ve found and the quality of support is top notch. Consider a consultation with Navigate Law Group and let them help you in your time of need.
– Brandon P.

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