Clark County Free Virtual Legal Clinic

About Our Virtual Legal Clinic

What Is a Virtual Legal Clinic?

These are free 20-minute one-on-one phone calls with a local attorney to discuss legal issues. Advice is available for all legal issues – Washington state law primarily, and Oregon state law by request. 

Why Is Navigate Law Group Offering It?

This was created in response to our community’s need for accessible legal advice, especially during a time when a lot of people can’t access it. Navigate Law Group normally hosts and participates in a variety of regular legal volunteer events in the area. However, because of the COVID outbreak/shutdown, a lot of those events have been shut down. This allows people to get free legal answers quickly from local and knowledgeable attorneys. 

How to Sign Up?

Easy. Click the sign-up button below, enter your contact information, legal issue, pick a time slot when you can do the call, and the other party’s name. You will receive confirmation regarding who you will be speaking to and at what time.

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Can I Clear My Criminal Record? 

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