If you want to file an appeal from your final order (issued by the  Superior Court) in a family law matter, here is how you practically get started:

  1. You will have 30 days to file your Notice of Appeal from the date of your final order or order on reconsideration was entered with the Superior court, whichever occurred last.
  2. What is needed for a Notice of Appeal?
    Here is an example form (in Microsoft Word) that you can use. You will need the Notice of Appeal form completed, also attach a copy of the written order that you are appealing.
  3. Where do you file the appeal? You will file it (Notice of Appeal with the attached copy of the order) at the trial court (if the final order was issued in Clark County, WA, you would file it at the Clark County Superior Court).
  4. How much is it? Until July 1, 2017, the filing fee for an appeal is $290.00. You can either call the court or check the statute for an updated fee amount.
  5. ​Do I have to provide copies to the opposing party of all the documents I file? Yes. You have to provide the other party copies of everything on the same day you file at the courthouse.

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