Cannabis Law

Cannabis Law

The rules regarding recreational marijuana, medical marijuana, and hemp differ by each state, county, and municipality. Sometimes these local laws contradict federal law, which broadly prohibits marijuana altogether. Therefore, running any cannabis business requires more than simple compliance with your primary state regulatory agency. For each cannabis business, there are numerous land use considerations, employment issues, business entity choices, and contract obligations.


Don’t go it alone. Having an attorney on your side can mean the difference between cannabis business success and failure. Navigate Law Group can help analyze which business entity type (limited liability company, corporation, etc.) is best suited for your operation. We can also help you comply with federal regulators for hemp, state licensing and registration agencies for hemp and marijuana, and municipal and county land use and cannabis regulators. We can assist in negotiating business-to-business contracts, drafting compliant standard operating procedures, and creating employee handbooks that comply with state and federal law. Whether you need an attorney for a single issue or full-service general counsel, we’re here for you.

We help clients in the following areas: 

  • Recreational marijuana licensing, medical marijuana licensing, hemp production and processing registration, administrative hearing representation, regulatory compliance.
  • Eleven states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, including Oregon and Washington.
  • Twenty-five states have completely or partially decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana.
  • 100% of states are forbidden from interfering in interstate commerce of hemp.

Keep going full speed ahead without legal questions bogging you down. 

Recreational marijuana licensing

While many jurisdictions have now legalized recreational marijuana use, selling cannabis is still governed by strict regulations. Navigate Law Group can help you wade through these legal requirements by assisting with land use questions, reviewing standard operating procedures, preparing license applications, structuring business entities, and corresponding with applicable regulators. With expert legal representation by your side, you’ll have the freedom to operate with confidence.

Medical marijuana licensing

The regulations governing medical marijuana licensing are different from recreational marijuana licensing. With that in mind, we provide counsel as you deal with the Washington Department of Health and Oregon Health Authority, as well as helping you comply with local land use ordinances.

Hemp production and processing registration

Hemp producers and processors must deal with both federal agencies and local governments as they set up and operate their businesses. Navigate Law Group assists our clients as they register with state governing bodies, as well as maintaining compliance with the US Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, and municipal and county ordinances.

Administrative hearing representation

When cannabis retailers do run afoul of federal and municipal regulations, they’ll need qualified representation to ensure they’re allowed to continue operating. Navigate Law Group will review allegations of noncompliance, assist in preparing evidence, present evidence before administrative bodies, and file appeals when necessary.

Regulatory compliance

Compliance isn’t a one-time action. Instead, it’s an ongoing approach to business that’s best supported by qualified legal representation. We can help by providing continual operational reviews to mitigate the risk of noncompliance with local, state, and federal regulators.
I have worked with multiple members of the Navigate Team and have referred multiple people to them. They have done an amazing job and I can’t thank them enough. From family law, employement law, defense law and any general laws questions they are the best. Amber Rush, Eli Marchbanks and Colin McHugh envisioned a better way to provide law advice and have done it. Thank you all.
– Bryce Davidson
I have used Navigate Law Group on several occasions and referred many people to them. They are very smart, diligent, hard working and ………….THEY CARE! They listen to you and they care about your case and the cost. Navigate found a way to reduce overhead and increase efficiency without sacrificing quality all with a goal treating you like family. If you want attorneys with a heart this is who you call.
– Paul Smith

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Fun Facts

states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, including Oregon and Washington

states have completely or partially decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana


of states are forbidden from interfering in interstate commerce of hemp.

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