Business & Commercial Law 

Business & Commercial Law

Over the life of your business, you will have many opportunities that may present challenges requiring legal help. As your legal team, we’re here to help you navigate business and commercial law. Our mission is to provide individualized legal counsel and expertise to help clients make sound business decisions. By establishing a strategic partnership with Navigate Law Group, you are taking proactive steps to protect your business interests and assets and ensure the health of your business. 

Your legal team will be there for you through any business transition. As things grow and change, your team will review and modify policies and procedures, negotiate contracts, evaluate corporate structure, bylaws or operating agreements to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of your business. 

Navigate Law Group is experienced in guiding local businesses through the early start-up days, through growth and change or selling your business. You can rest easy knowing your legal team is on top of your business legal matters so you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business. 

We help clients in the following areas: 

  • Determine what type of business is right for you (LLC, corporation, etc)
  • Registration with Secretary of State  
  • Obtaining employer identification number from the IRS
  • Drafting company organizational documents like operating agreements or bylaws
  • Draft or negotiate commercial lease agreements 
  • Draft or negotiate business-to-business contracts and other general business documents or licensing needs 
  • Employment disputes

Keep going full speed ahead without legal questions bogging you down. 

Company formation

Businesses begin with a spark of inspiration, a motivation to improve and serve the community. Let us help you keep that spark by easing the stress of legal issues. When you’re just starting your business, deciding on which structure is right for you can leave many business owners confused. Our team of business and commercial lawyers will meet with you to talk about your business and determine the best path forward. Whether you file as a Limited Liability Company, Corporation, or something else, we’ll guide you and also file your Certificate of Formation or Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. We can also draft your Operating Agreement or Bylaws and other necessary organizational documents. And we will license your business with the Department of Revenue and Department of Labor & Industries and apply for your Employer Identification Number (EIN).  

employment agreements and disputes

Now that your official paperwork is filed and operations are up and running, hiring your ideal team is the next step. Every smart business owner knows the value of employee agreements, and having a skilled legal team in your corner for this work can save you time and potential legal headaches. We can help you will job descriptions, duties, expectations, payment methods, the scope of employment and make sure language is written to limit exposure to unnecessary employment litigation. 

No business owner wants to have an employment dispute, but if you do, feel confident knowing your legal team has you protected. Having seen both sides of employment litigation, our team is well equipped to respond to employee complaints and lawsuits to achieve efficient, equitable resolutions. We take a proactive approach to prevent such disputes from ever arising through the development of strong company employment policies and procedures.

Employee Handbooks

Making sure your team is informed on their role in the business and policies is important. Navigate Law Group can write or review your current internal policies, whistleblower protection, harassment, sick time and vacation time, protected leave, discipline procedures, etc. We will explain applicable law and combine it with your organizational needs to create a handbook that is right for your organization.


Your business needs a space to operate, and having a fair lease is essential to making it work for you. Your legal team will help negotiate terms and draft a lease to address rent amounts, maintenance, and repair requirements, insurance requirements, property tax obligations, indemnification, subleasing procedures or prohibitions, lease extensions, and more.

Business-to-business contracts

Your legal team will work with you on negotiating terms and drafting contracts for the manufacturing and sales of products or services between businesses. We will address each party’s responsibilities for contract length, sale price, termination notice requirements, licensing, limitations on liability, liquidated damages, etc.

company purchases and sales

Your legal team can help determine whether a business purchase or an asset purchase is more appropriate, preparing and negotiating a letter of intent, conducting due diligence requests and review to determine salient company information (and to protect against over-disclosure of the same), preparing a purchase and sale agreement, drafting non-competition agreements, updating the Secretary of State and applicable business licenses.

non-disclosure agreements

Keep your business information private and ensure any vendors understand your policies. Your legal team helps by defining “confidential information,” assessing who shall gain access to confidential information, restricting licensing of confidential information, defining terms of breach of the agreement, and assessing term length. We will assess whether the information to be protected is your own or that of your customers and clients, and what your obligations will be to put these types of agreements in place.

Ownership disputes

You may need help reviewing applicable organizational documents such as Operating Agreements or Bylaws, Articles of Organization or Incorporation, and other owner or partner contracts. Your legal team can asses whether a specific owner has breached its contract or fiduciary duties to the organization and provide advice as to whether to resolve the dispute amicably or move forward with litigation.

Business litigation

Should an employee or co-owner ever breach a contract, trust your legal team to guide you through the process of redemption by determining the scope of a contractual breach or tortious damage, assessing the amount of possible recovery, drafting or responding to a demand letter, filing or defending against lawsuits, conducting discovery, and resolving the case either through settlement, mediation, arbitration, or trial.

Regulatory compliance

Make sure your business stays in regulation to avoid unnecessary lawsuits. 

Your legal team will ensure your compliance by identifying which regulators apply to your business, satisfying application or licensing requirements, responding to notices of infractions, representing your business before administrative bodies, and ongoing business advice to avoid or mitigate unnecessary regulatory compliance problems before they even arise.

Went above and beyond and was very easy to work with. Trevor explained everything clearly when I was forming my LLC
– Avery Tagg
Navigate has been an excellent resource for me personally and as a small business owner. I have worked with them since they started and they’ve always exceeded my expectations. Each attorney I have worked with has been understanding and thorough. Which is a real treat to find in the legal field. They have covered all my legal needs beyond my expectations offering legal advice for my employees, taking of care of commercial vehicle traffic violations, business acquisitions, and beyond. Thank you so much to Colin, Eli, & Amber for all your invaluable help.
– Aaron Krieger

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